Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sometimes Patience is Needed Before Launching Your Novel

Have you edited your manuscript before turning it over to the professionals?



If the new novel you successfully finished writing is at the pre-launch stage, then no doubt, the headache of editing and revising is finally over. 

But if you have a manuscript you’ve only recently finished writing, then your editing work is still ahead. You will need to exercise patience before launching your novel.


Editing Considerations

There are a lot of different editing considerations when it comes to perfecting your manuscript and making your book the best that it can be. 

Before you completely shrug off the responsibility, and pay someone else to perform the task, I suggest reading the advice in this Medium article:

 As this thought provoking material brings out, the fact that you plan to hire an editor to go over your manuscript, shouldn’t mean that you make no effort at all to clean up your writing.

Bringing in Professionals

I think this article made an excellent point as to why you should edit your own manuscript before bringing in the experts.

It mentions that doing so will help prevent the need for a professional to make excessive edits and go overboard.

“Too many changes that are not your own could lead to sounding like someone else’s voice.”


Patience Before Launching

It’s okay to be excited about releasing your novel, but try and exercise a little patience. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did. Take a few minutes and read the above-mentioned article, along with the references the article cites. 

This will help you have a better appreciation for the kind of editing and revising that you should be responsible for, before you get the professionals involved.

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