The Novel Launcher Service, Website and Blog:

A resource specifically geared to cater to new authors who face the challenge of effectively promoting a new novel. This was my original plan for the service, but not anymore:

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Why am I doing this?

My reason for trying to provide a free service is simple. I got really frustrated, after writing my new fantasy novella about mermaids  and just prior to the book launch. 

I performed so may book marketing and promotional tasks, including paying about $125 for several Fiverr providers.  

I didn't expect a miracle, but I did expect some kind of bump in sales on launch day. NOT! So I empathize with authors in my shoes, and I figure maybe we should network.


Blog Owner

I'm Beka R. March, a new fantasy author, but a long time non-fiction writer. I'm also a novelist of other genres (different pen name). Just like you, I have a new release in the making, so I definitely get it!

Let me help with your promotional activities surrounding the launch of your novel or new release.

My statement about 'helping launch new novels, one author at a time' is not just a tagline. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to start getting exposure for your newly released project, whether you published a:
  • Novel
  • Novella
  • Novelette
  • Short Story

Blog Mission

This blog will also share updates and informative posts about various authors and their existing and pending titles. It also serves as an additional means of book exposure and promotion for all the authors who use the Novel Launcher service.

If you’d like to get details on how the Kickstarter Ad Pak works, and provide your details in the Order Request Form just
take a moment and visit www.NovelLauncher.com 


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